Personal Protection Basel THAT EXTRA BIT OF SECURITY

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Your safety is our concern – as a modern security service, we professionally deal with a plethora of topics ranging from individual personal protection via extensive consulting to VIP Shuttle Services and beyond. We explicitly cater to your needs, requests and special challenges that you face; you can rely on our expertise at all times. We first meet with you at length in order to create a resilient foundation for an offer – this is the only way for us to get a sense of your personal preferences and to develop tailored solutions.

We meticulously examine the sites, choose suitable equipment and develop strict processes which not only ensure a frictionless process but above all the necessary safety measures: Where necessary, our qualified safety staff can integrate into your day-to-day life without friction, you will barely notice them and yet enjoy the greatest level of security. Of course, every assignment is different, so why not call us to arrange a meeting? We take time for your requests.


Quality is our top priority – in terms of vehicles and equipment, and especially in terms of our security staff and their qualifications. Rest assured that our security staff have a founded education, can act confidently in every environment, are multilingual and know exactly what to do for you and your security.
We offer a professional and competent service to realize your individual requests, projects and wishes. Trust is the basis of success, especially for security/personal protection.

Which is why we are happy to discuss with you in detail and to introduce our philosophy and our security staff to you – we are your partner.


We can of course offer your extensive advice with our profound experiences as a security service: If you require a tailored security concept – for your company or for you privately – we will first examine the situation, identify any weak points and suggest suitable solutions. Your individual requests and safety requirement are key, and we will explicitly cater to them.

We create the optimal design freedom which we require for professional and sustainable security concepts through the optimal interplay of modern equipment, reliable and highly qualified security staff and founded expertise. Use our consulting offer to feel safe in every area of your life – we are your professionals.